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Spiro is already established as Africa’s leading e-mobility company, with more than 10,000 electric bikes deployed across Benin, Togo, Rwanda and Kenya.
We continue to evolve as an open-architecture smart energy infrastructure platform, focused on agnostic software and hardware that will accelerate Africa’s journey towards sustainable transportation.
We’ve attracted $56M equity funding and $63M debt funding to date and we are poised for growth across Africa and beyond.

Investment Needs

> $100 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$ 119,000,000

Why Investing

Pioneering Market Position in Africa's EV Industry
Investing in Africa's leading EV company presents a unique opportunity to tap into a burgeoning market with vast potential for growth. As the continent gears towards sustainable transportation solutions, being at the forefront of this shift positions the company for substantial market share and revenue expansion. With strong plans for scaling, the company is poised to capitalize on the increasing demand for electric vehicles in Africa, which is expected to soar in the coming years.
Riding the Wave of Africa's Decarbonization Investment
Africa is on the brink of a massive influx of investment, projected to reach trillions of dollars, to drive decarbonization initiatives across various sectors. By investing in the continent's leading EV company, investors can align their portfolios with this overarching trend towards sustainability and green technology adoption. The company stands to benefit significantly from this investment wave, as it dovetails with its mission to revolutionize transportation in Africa through eco-friendly electric vehicles.
Stellar Leadership and Strategic Vision
The presence of a strong and experienced C-Suite within the company instills confidence in investors regarding its ability to execute its growth plans effectively. Seasoned executives at the helm bring valuable industry insights, strategic foresight, and operational expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of scaling a business in the EV sector. Their track record of success and proven leadership capabilities enhance the company's credibility and mitigate risks associated with execution, making it an attractive investment opportunity for discerning investors seeking stability and long-term growth potential.
Lee Breheny
Head of Global Communication
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