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Low-emission Transport System


Ivory Coast


Transport & Logistics


Concept Note

Promote an integrated, sustainable, and low-emission transport system in Cote d’Ivoire and reduce fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution in the transport sector (Cote d’Ivoire).

The project aims to enhance population mobility in Côte d’Ivoire, reduce fossil fuel use and associated greenhouse gas emissions in transport, and lower emissions of harmful atmospheric pollutants like particulate matter, which caused around 13,000 deaths in 2017.
The strategy is to shift from fossil fuel vehicles to electric and non-motorized transport through the promotion of low-carbon transportation. The project will be executed by a collaboration of national and international partners.

Investment Needs

$240 000 000

Funding Type:

Grant, Loan

Investment Raised to Date:


Reasons To Invest

Substantial Fuel Savings (206,278,668 Liters)
The potential to save 206,278,668 liters of fuel represents a significant operational efficiency. This not only translates to cost savings but also indicates a reduced reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to energy sustainability. Investors can be attracted to the prospect of a more efficient and cost-effective operation, leading to improved profitability and environmental stewardship.
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction (739,369 tons CO2eq)
The avoidance of 739,369 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) emissions signifies a substantial positive environmental impact. Investors increasingly value initiatives that align with climate goals and demonstrate a commitment to reducing carbon footprints. This reduction not only contributes to mitigating climate change but also positions the investment as environmentally responsible, potentially attracting investors with a focus on sustainability.
Particulate Matter Reduction (78,084 kg)
The avoidance of 78,084 kilograms of particulate matter is a critical health and environmental benefit. Particulate matter can have detrimental effects on air quality and human health. An investment contributing to a reduction in particulate matter not only supports public health but also aligns with regulatory and societal expectations for cleaner, more responsible business practices. Investors may find this aspect appealing as it demonstrates a commitment to both environmental and social responsibility.
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