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Wolfpack DCS is a omnichannel retail software company, operating in Europe and South-Africa.

Our Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) is a state of the art cloud-based platform that plays a pivotal role in omni-channel retail structures. The software solution enables retailers to manage their orders,  product info & stock across all online and offline sales channels. The Omnichannel Retail Platform transforms the silos of web, stores, and marketplaces into a seamless omnichannel world.

Our Omnichannel Order Management solution enables omni-channel journeys that include:

  • View orders from all channels in one place
  • Click-and-Collect
  • Pick-in-Store and Ship-From store
  • See offline orders in online my-account
  • Return anywhere
  • Order in-store from central stock

Order management is increasingly focused on smart order routing. Wolfpack offers advanced order routing capability to its retail customers. Online or offline placed orders can be routed to stock locations (Warehouses, stores) based on configurable business rules. These business rules often include stock levels (per SKU) and location of the customer. Smart order routing unlocks value for the end-consumer by faster and complete order delivery.

The second pillar of the ORP solution is the Product Channel Manager (PCM). The PCM is not a traditional PIM system. It’s a PIM that is focused on managing Product content for various different (online and offline) sales channels. Raw product content is pulled from ERP or PLM to ORP-PCM, where products are enriched with all content required by the sales channels. This can be done easily through the ORP UI or in bulk. After completion, the product is automatically pushed to all connected sales channels. The ORP Channel manager enables mapping of product content to various channels, including market places like Amazon or Takealot.


Wolfpack DCS operates in Europe and South-Africa. We are the leading omni-channel OMS in South-Africa and can leverage many existing integrations with:

  • Web platforms (Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, Shopware)
  • ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Sage, Dolphin)
  • POS-suppliers (Cow Hills)
  • Payment Service Providers (Paypal, Payu, Zapper, Payjustnow)
  • Couriers (Pargo, Ram, Dawn Wing, Parcel Ninja)
  • CRM providers (Salesforce, Zendesk)


The current retail challenges bring a demand for a different software landscape. Old silos must be broken. With this conviction, we have also developed our own omnichannel approach and retail platform (ORP). With ORP you build a flawless buying experience that reinforces your brand. Thanks to our years of experience in retail, we understand how fast and flexible your digital ecosystem needs to be. Only that way you can stay ahead of your competition. Together we chose the smartest route to your success and assist you from strategy to execution.


More info: www.wolfpack-dcs.com

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