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    Smoke Customer Intelligence believes that people matter and that our clients should hear from and understand the feedback from the people that matter most to their businesses. We are driven by a fundamental belief: Knowledge is power, and understanding your customers and your people is your biggest competitive advantage. 


    Our Product: Eyerys 

    Developed over 15 years with relentless dedication to innovation in South Africa, Eyerys is not just a software; it’s a comprehensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Customer Experience (CX) platform. Our collaboration with CCAAS players, such as Avaya, and Genesys, as well as CRM, ERP and other technology stacks has enabled us to refine Eyerys into a best-in-class solution. 


    Eyerys bridges the gap between companies and their customers or employees, enhancing engagement in both B2B and B2C environments. Its multilingual and omnichannel capabilities ensure exceptional  interaction and insight, making it more than just a feedback tool. Eyerys empowers businesses to unlock their workforce’s potential, boost customer experiences and impact the bottom line through effective   engagement programmes. 


    Meticulously designed to integrate into major telephony and CRM systems, Eyerys ensures smooth deployment and user experience. This flexibility makes it ideal for businesses aiming to enhance customer experience and employee engagement strategies without disrupting existing systems. 


    Key Competencies: 


    Touchpoint Surveys: Eyerys provides nuanced insights at every customer interaction point, helping businesses understand and enhance their customer journey. 

    Contact Centre Post-Call Feedback: Immediate and actionable feedback following customer interactions ensures continuous service quality improvement within contact centres. 

    B2B Customer Engagement: Eyerys excels in fostering robust B2B relationships, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

    Market Research: Leveraging advanced analytics, Eyerys offers deep market insights, helping businesses stay ahead. 

    Employee Engagement: Recognising the value of engaged employees, Eyerys facilitates strategies to boost workforce morale and productivity. 

    Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Our platform provides sophisticated analytical tools, offering clear, actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Whether you prefer to see your data in Power BI or prefer insight-rich feedback documents, our team are on hand to help you understand the metrics you are tracking.  

    Personalised Professional Services: We offer dedicated customer experience managers to assist with integrations, survey setup, strategy reviews, and data interpretation. Additionally, clients can augment their team with our dedicated staff on-site. 


    Industries We Serve: 

    SmokeCI, through Eyerys, has made significant inroads across various sectors, both locally in South Africa and across the global. This depth of experience demonstrates our versatility and adaptability across various industries and clients in Automotive, Civic Housing and Residential Management, Financial Services, Insurance, Hospital Healthcare & Pharmacy, Telecommunications, Hotels and Hospitality Services, and Government and Private Utility Services. This diverse portfolio underscores our ability to tailor solutions to specific industry needs. 


    At SmokeCI, we are committed to empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools to understand their customers and employees better. Eyerys stands as a testament to this commitment, offering a sophisticated, versatile, and effective solution for VOC and Employee Engagement management. As we continue to innovate and expand, our focus remains steadfast: to be the beacon of feedback  intelligence, lighting the path to business success through unparalleled understanding and engagement. 

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