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ISA SAS, proudly local company, since 2015, reliable partner in business with quality brands, and complete solutions under one roof. Product range: Fuchs Lubricants, Baldwin Filters, Lubrication systems – Linclon and Meclube, ISA Flex hydraulic hose fabrication, AFS – Fire Solutions, Tools Milwaukee, Thundermax , Car Care products – Wynn’s

Une entreprise fièrement locale, depuis 2015, partenaire d’affaires fiable avec des marques de qualité et des solutions complètes sous un même toit. Gamme de produits : lubrifiants Fuchs, filtres Baldwin, systèmes de lubrification – Linclon et Meclube, fabrication de tuyaux hydrauliques ISA Flex, AFS – Fire Solutions, Outils Milwaukee, Thundermax, produits d’entretien automobile – Wynn’s

Apr 4, 2024

First DRC female prime minister “momentous occasion for DRC’s coming-of-age journey”

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May 12, 2023

Exclusive interview with Martin Mutuku, Marketing Manager for Congo Equipment, a gold sponsor of the upcoming DRC Mining Week and a long-standing partner of the event

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