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Digital Banker Africa

Digital Banker Africa

In a powerful collaboration with Mastercard, we proudly present Digital Banker Africa—a visionary magazine and website that embodies the essence of trust, influence, and comprehensive coverage within the realm of financial technology across Africa. With an impressive readership of 54,641, we are the go-to platform for discerning influencers seeking in-depth, critically aware analysis.


At Digital Banker Africa, we are your ultimate source for staying at the forefront of the digital banking sector. Our website and magazine deliver timely updates on the latest developments and trends, complemented by engaging social media content and informative newsletters.


Behind our exceptional content stands an editorial team renowned for their partnerships with influential private and public organisations throughout Africa. Together, we fearlessly tackle complex and pressing issues, shedding light on their positive and negative implications.


Prepare to immerse yourself in the most compelling stories. Our profound analysis captures the pulse of the industry, encompassing market movements, impactful profiles, and exclusive interviews with Africa’s leading entrepreneurs. With our tailored and timely coverage, we address the digital banking challenges faced by both traditional and challenger banks today.