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Everyone in Africa should have access to the benefits of code.


Chenosis is offering up the tools that enable anyone to build code better, cheaper, and faster. And saying, you don’t need to know how to code to get started on that idea, or expand your business. You just need to have the right parts.

It is time to tap into solutions that link Africans to endless possibilities.

Our vision is an ecosystem that holds the developer, the enterprise, the partner, and the growing community of driven individuals. And Chenosis is the connection at the centre of this multi-level exchange.


We were born out of MTN’s intentional progression beyond the TELCO space, and into the TECHCO world. Chenosis will be this universe of;

  • Expansion, where enterprises can grow their business faster with partner APIs
  • Empowerment, through partner APIs which give developers a solid foundation to get creative with
  • Opportunity, when developers share what they know with the community, and interested individuals can absorb and upskill


We are forming a community that supports those already in tech, those needing help from the tech space, but also strives to enable less trained individuals to start building and actualising their goals.

Each of these wins feed back into the marketplace’s purpose. To establish a connected and thriving Africa.

Chenosis houses all of these resources, and becomes the place to go to find what you need, and share what you have. The place to discover new paths to efficiency and sustainability. The place to explore, and get inspired.


This is a platform that will use code to unify by actually redefining the perception of it.

By reshaping the expectations of what businesses, developers, and individuals can achieve – because the future of code is so much more about integration, and creative problem solving, than writing actual code.

Chenosis is closing the brackets, and bridging the gap between the techies, and incredible African innovators that are dreaming with limitations.

If we can contribute to a world where Africans see each other propelling in the digital space, we encourage a belief in progress, and we help build a community of people that can not only see their potential, but strive for even more.

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