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AEL Mining Services is a member of the AECI Group and the leading developer, producer and supplier of blasting solutions in Africa. AEL is the DRC’s most established explosives supplier. AEL will present to its mining partners its new value proposition “Intelliblast” that allows us to “Safely Optimising Blasting Outcomes.” AEL offers the latest generation products and service offerings for blasting operations for both underground and surface mining.

AEL Mining Services est membre du groupe AECI, il figure parmi les plus grands développeurs, producteurs et fournisseurs de solutions explosives en Afrique. AEL est l’un des fournisseurs d’explosifs les plus connus. En tant que leader du secteur des explosifs commerciaux en RDC, AEL présentera “Intelliblast”, sa nouvelle offre permettant d’optimiser prudemment les résultats des explosions, à tous ses partenaires miniers.


Apr 4, 2024

First DRC female prime minister “momentous occasion for DRC’s coming-of-age journey”

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May 12, 2023

Exclusive interview with Martin Mutuku, Marketing Manager for Congo Equipment, a gold sponsor of the upcoming DRC Mining Week and a long-standing partner of the event

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