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Active Mobility Forum

Active Mobility Forum (AMF): Advocating for safe infrastructure for Non-Motorised Transporation Users


The Active Mobility Forum (AMF) is a transformative NGO startup with a mission to revolutionize active and public transportation across South Africa. Founded in 2022 between Young Urbanists NPC and the Bicycle Mayor of Cape Town, Sindile Mavundla, AMF aims to promote active mobility, including cycling and walking, as the cornerstone of sustainable transport solutions in cities and communities nationwide. 


AMF envisions a future where active mobility is embraced as the primary mode of transport, leading to reduced carbon emissions, alleviated congestion, and improved overall well-being for all citizens. By championing active mobility, AMF seeks to create greener, more livable spaces that support healthy lifestyles and contribute to a thriving economy. 


Through collaborative efforts, AMF engages diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, communities, and private partners, to build safer cycling lanes in key urban areas like Tshwane and Cape Town. This is achieved through its private and public partnership arm, Safe Passage, which focuses on creating a safe, affordable and accessible infrastructure for NMT users between informal and formal areas. 


AMF has also been instrumental in big cycling reforms in Cape Town to ensure any cycling lane going forward has a dedicated barrier, they are connected to a network or public transport interchange and NMT infrastructure starts getting the lion share of the budget from roads.   


AMF is committed to amplifying the voice of cyclists and other NMT users through the establishment of the “Bicycle Industry Association for South Africa” (BASA). BASA serves as a unified platform for cycling organizations to advocate for tax reforms, safer infrastructure, research initiatives, and innovative incentives that foster the growth of cycling in the country. 


While rooted in Cape Town, AMF’s mission extends far beyond, encompassing cities and communities across South Africa. By inspiring the widespread adoption of active mobility and sustainable transportation solutions, AMF aims to address critical policy challenges, support mental and physical health, and contribute to a more resilient economy. 


AMF invites all individuals, organizations, and policymakers to join the movement and be a part of the transformative journey towards a more sustainable and prosperous South Africa. By embracing active mobility, supporting Safe Passage’s infrastructure development, and championing BASA’s advocacy efforts, everyone can contribute to shaping a brighter future for the nation. 


In summary, AMF is a dynamic startup with a clear vision, impactful partnerships, and a commitment to drive positive change in South Africa’s transportation landscape. Together, let’s ride towards a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future for all. 


Website link for the AMF: https://activemobilityforum.org 

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