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Yann Favrel

Head of Business Unit, Gruner Stucky LTD, Switzerland

Mr. Yann Favrel is the head of the unit “Power Plant Equipment, Networks” at Gruner Stucky, an engineering consultancy in Switzerland. For the past 25 years, he has been involved in the construction and rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plants and electrical networks. Mr. Favrel has been actively involved in the rehabilitation of the Mwadingusha hydroelectric scheme, as well as the construction of the new substation and high voltage line between Kolwezi and the Kamoa copper mine and is currently continuing with the rehabilitation of group 5 of the Inga 2 power plant. These projects are part of a public-private partnership between SNEL SA and Ivanhoe Mines Energy DRC, where Gruner Stucky is the Owner’s representative, SNEL SA. 

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