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Tokunbo Arannilewa

Cofounder and CEO

Tokunbo is a visionary entrepreneur and leader in the African tech industry, renowned for his work as the Cofounder and CEO of Eonsfleet, an AI-driven fleet technology company in Africa.

With over a decade of experience in Technology and a deep passion for innovation, Tokunbo has dedicated his career to enhancing transportation technologies in Nigeria.

Under Tokunbo’s guidance, Eonsfleet has developed cutting-edge AI technology solutions for fleet management, bringing intelligent fleet systems to previously underserved areas in Africa. By leveraging big data, machine learning, and intelligent algorithms, Eonsfleet is streamlining fleet management processes and increasing operational efficiencies.

Tokunbo is a voice for innovation and technological development in Africa. His talks inspire audiences to embrace emerging technologies and drive change within their industries. As a speaker at Smarter Mobility Africa, Tokunbo will share his insights on the future of transportation technology in Africa and how it is transforming the business landscape for the better.
Attendees can expect to be enlightened and inspired by his ideas and vision for a smarter, more sustainable Africa.

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