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Municipal Board

Eskom, South Africa

Shirley Salvoldi

Corporate Specialist Electricity Pricing

Shirley is an Eskom Corporate Specialist with 41 years of experience in the electricity supply industry. Shirley is responsible in Eskom for leading the development of new tariffs and pricing policies, in particular in the renewable energy space.  Her particular interest is facilitating the wheeling of energy through appropriate tariffs, policies, contracts, and advises interested parties. 

Shirley has provided inputs and engagement on national policies, rules, guidelines, regulations, and codes such as the Grid Codes, the Government IPP procurement programs, Nersa advisory groups, and Nersa rules and guidelines.  Shirley also leads the Eskom team looking at the restructuring of Eskom tariffs and the development of new tariff products.  

Shirley holds a Master’s Degree in Business Engineering from Warwick University and B Comm from Unisa, majoring in Business Management and Economics. 

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