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The Particle Group

Raksha Naidoo


Raksha is a BSc graduate and an executive level professional who has amassed almost two decades of experience in various analytical, production leadership and general management disciplines.

Raksha views teamwork, consultation and communication as the key pillars of all her successes. To this end, she is passionate about the transfer of knowledge to enable all members of her team to grow both personally and professionally. She has built harmonious relationships at all levels of the organisation to enable the achievement of common goals. This includes constructive relationships with organised labour, which has assisted in her growth as a leader.

One of Raksha’s biggest passions is people. Over the years that has come in different forms, always being the go-to friend, the listener and problem solver, mentor and leader, getting involved in various charity initiatives whenever possible, including founding a non-profit company called The Girlfriends Group, and even play match maker to friends looking for love.

When Raksha sees potential in someone, she invests hard in them. She wants to see them develop, grow and become the best version of themselves. This mentorship passion propelled Raksha to get involved with Women in Mining South Africa organisation, where she currently holds the position of WiMSA Chairperson. And Raksha holds the position of CEO of The Particle Group.

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