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Patrick Nkulu

Deputy Managing Director, MMG Kinsevere, DRC

We are proud to introduce Patrick Nkulu Mande, our Deputy General Manager Operations. A young and dynamic metallurgical engineer, Patrick is a product of the esteemed University of Lubumbashi. He is a testament to the local talent in the Democratic Republic of Congo, leading all operations areas at Kinsevere with commendable expertise and dedication.

With a rich experience spanning 19 years in the technical and management sectors of the Copper, Cobalt, and Gold Industry, Patrick has honed his skills in the African Copperbelt region. His extensive experience in managing complex plants is an asset to Kinsevere operations.

Patrick’s focus and positive attitude align perfectly with the current and future Kinsevere operational requirements. His leadership plays a pivotal role in MMG commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices in the mining industry. We look forward to his continued contributions and leadership in our journey towards sustainable mining.

Jun 13, 2024

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