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GE Gas Power Sub-Saharan Africa

Nosizwe Dlengezele

Regional Sales Executive

Nosizwe Dlengezele is the Regional Sales Executive for GE Gas Power business in Sub-Saharan Africa. GE’s Gas Power business offers power producers the technology, services, knowledge, and insights they need to build, operate, and maintain gas power generation plants.

In her role, Nosizwe is responsible for driving sales and growth of Gas Power in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining GE, she was based at Hitachi-Chemical Europe in Germany-Dusseldorf, where she led the development of the battery energy storage business in Europe. Her previous roles with Hitachi Ltd. Sub-Saharan Africa included project development and sales leader in the Energy, Water, Transportation, and IT sector. Nosizwe also co-founded and managed Enele Consulting for 7 years, a management consultancy specializing in human capital development, product development and strategy for the financial services and engineering sector.

Nosizwe is a regular thought leadership speaker on doing business in Africa, with a special focus on the energy transition, infrastructure development, regional infrastructure integration and social innovation.

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