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Nontokozo Nkosi

Director Project Development, AMEA Power, South Africa

Nontokozo has recently assumed the role of Director of Project Development at AMEA Power South Africa. Her primary mandate is to orchestrate and implement market strategies, oversee intricate negotiations, conduct meticulous risk assessments, and propel the progression of initiatives within the company’s project pipeline. Her aim is to facilitate the commercialization of these endeavors, accomplished through competitive tender processes or bilateral negotiations for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Nontokozo plays a pivotal role in fostering the expansion of AMEA Power South Africa’s project portfolio, adeptly navigating project acquisition endeavors. Collaborating seamlessly with both internal and external teams, ensuring a sustained organic growth trajectory for the organization. Preceding her tenure at AMEA Power South Africa, Nontokozo held a leadership position as Head of Commercial Office at Enel Green Power South Africa. As the Head of this office, her responsibilities spanned the identification and origination of novel business prospects. This multifaceted role encompassed prospecting, contract structuring, and pricing determinations for enduring Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) across diverse geographic spheres, tailored to cater to commercial and industrial entities. Nontokozo also assumed roles as a board member for EGP South African Project Companies and the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA). With a wealth of experience in the domain of utility-scale renewable energy development, Nontokozo has been actively engaged in South Africa’s renewable energy sector since the inception of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Programme (REIPPP). Her participation has spanned various stages of the project lifecycle, from initial ideation to operational phases. Of notable significance, she was an integral part of the development team that achieved success in REIPPP BW1 and BW2, in collaboration with Scatec. In recent years, she has channeled her expertise into the cultivation of renewable projects, with a particular emphasis on the commercial and industrial landscape. Nontokozo boasts an extensive comprehension of South Africa’s renewable energy panorama, encompassing the regulatory framework, attendant challenges, and the spectrum of opportunities intrinsic to the sector.

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