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Nicolas Lecomte

Director Southern & East Africa, HDF Energy, South Africa

Nicolas is a French engineer. He has been operating in the renewable energy industry for 18 years, in different continents, including Brazil, China, Canada, and 10 years in Southern and East Africa.

Nicolas has held various positions in the value chain (from “greenfield” projects to their operation), construction and investment manager, including the first 3 MW wind turbines in France (2006), and the largest French photovoltaic park (2012), and leadership positions since.

Nicolas has supported the entry and growth of companies in different countries, by participating in acquisition processes (EDF Renewables’ entry in China, Greece) and/or by establishing local organizations. In South Africa, he notably led the consortia that were awarded and then built and operated 4 wind projects under the national renewable energy tender program in South Africa (REIPPPP).

Currently, he leads Hydrogène de France / HDF Energy activities in Southern and East Africa

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