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Langa Bicycle Hub

Mzikhona Mgedle

Founder & Managing Director

Mzikhona Mgedle, the visionary founder and leader of Langa Bicycle Hub, and a dedicated Consultant to the Economic Development Partnership (EDP), has an incredible story of transforming communities and promoting sustainable transportation in South Africa.

Mzikhona was born and grew up in a peaceful village in the Eastern Cape. He moved to Cape Town in ?? and his life changed when he discovered cycling while interning at Open Streets. Upon joining the EDP as a stakeholder engagement officer, he helped with food relief and supported the EDP teams working on stakeholder engagement and food system learning journeys. Currently, he’s working on the EDP’s Mobility project, bringing together government and non-government partners to improve mobility. His experiences showed him how cycling can bring people together and bridge gaps in communities.

In a country struggling with traffic jams and problems with public transportation, Mzikhona became a force for change. He imagined a South Africa where cycling could transform how people get around, get to work, and support communities. To make this vision real, he started the Langa Bicycle Hub in 2020. Through this project, he helps people in townships own and use bicycles as an eco-friendly way to travel. He’s also working hard to make the roads safer for these cyclists.

Mzikhona is using the knowledge and skills he gained at the EDP to focus on building the Langa Bicycle Hub. His plan, however, goes beyond just biking; he wants it to be a complete resource for shared mobility in Cape Town. This means making it easy for people to get bicycles, wheelchairs, and even offering bike tours and classes to teach people how to ride.

Mzikhona’s dedication isn’t just a personal passion; it’s a mission to get more bicycles into Langa and encourage non-motorized transportation. By doing this, he wants to fight air pollution, help with climate change, and make a real difference in the community.

But Mzikhona isn’t just a leader; he’s also a passionate cyclist. He’s proud to have finished the tough 109-kilometer Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2020, 2022, and 2023. Besides that, he organizes group bike rides to inspire others to join him in his mission to build the biking movement in Africa.

Mzikhona Mgedle’s journey shows us how one person’s passion and determination can create positive change, breaking down barriers and bringing communities together for a more sustainable and connected future.

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