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Ntiyiso Consulting Group

Miyelani Holeni

Group Chief Advisor

Miyelani Holeni holds an MPhil in Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch Graduate School of Business and a Post Graduate Diploma in Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch; a BANKSETA Certificate in International Executive Development Programme in association with Rotman School of Business (University of Toronto, Canada), York University (Canada); and is a Bachelor of Science degree graduate from the University of Natal.

Holeni currently serves as Shareholder and Chief Group Advisor at Ntiyiso Consulting Group, where his expertise in Revenue Management and Enhancement is utilised in the Firm’s flagship practice – Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting.

He is currently also a sought-after Television and Radio commentator, a Speaker at industry-related conferences, and is a published thought-leader on the subject of Revenue in the Local Government space.

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