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Uber Sub-Saharan Africa

Kagiso Khaole

General Manager

Kagiso Khaole is a visionary leader driving transformative growth as the General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa. With a relentless focus on cultivating sustainable business expansion and fostering cohesive teams, Kagiso plays a pivotal role in shaping Uber’s trajectory across the region.

His journey at Uber commenced in 2021, where he spearheaded Mobility Operations, masterfully scaling and nurturing operations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. By catalyzing innovation, he engineered positive outcomes for drivers, riders, and cities alike, leaving an indelible mark on the region’s mobility landscape.

Before immersing himself in the dynamic world of ridesharing, Kagiso’s career spanned diverse sectors, showcasing his versatile expertise. From Financial Services and Management Consulting to Consumer Electronics and E-Commerce, he has steered businesses with a seasoned acumen that only comes from traversing multiple industries. His distinguished tenure included pivotal roles at esteemed companies such as Investec, ABSA, Accenture, Hollard, and Samsung, where he held leadership positions, amplifying their presence and influence.

Kagiso’s academic journey mirrors his professional dynamism. He earned an MBA from Wits Business School, laying a robust foundation for strategic thinking and visionary leadership. His pursuit of excellence led him to multiple educational institutions, including UNISA, Harvard University, the University of North Carolina, and the International Centre for Sports Studies. As a Certified Director at the Institute of Directors (South Africa), Kagiso stands as a testament to his commitment to elevated governance and leadership standards.

Born and raised in South Africa, Kagiso’s dedication extends beyond business growth. He harbors an ardent passion for leveraging technology as a catalyst for equitable prosperity and societal well-being. His drive to democratize abundance through technological innovation underscores his profound connection to his roots and his unswerving dedication to fostering positive change.

Connect with Kagiso Khaole on LinkedIn to stay abreast of his transformative journey and contributions to the realms of business, technology, and societal progress.

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