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Jules Samain


Jules Samain is a transformative figure in the sustainable transportation sector. As Co-CEO of SPIRO, Jules has been at the forefront of electric mobility, particularly for moto-taxi drivers in Africa. Noteworthy milestones include the game-changing $63m funding deal with Société Générale to continue Spiro’s growth in Benin and Togo, and a groundbreaking agreement with the Kenyan Government to deploy more than a million motorbikes in Kenya. These endeavors have been central to SPIRO’s mission of replacing conventional motorbikes with cleaner electric alternatives. Before SPIRO, Jules built an impressive career spanning diverse roles and geographies. Joining GuarantCo in 2013, his leadership facilitated local currency investment for crucial infrastructure projects, promoting financial market growth in lower income nations across Africa and Asia. Earlier in his journey, Jules held the mantle of Managing Director at Ecobank Capital for Central African Countries, driving significant financings across various sectors. Jules has a Master in Business Law from the University of Yaoundé and an MBA from the Cass Business School in London. His depth of experience, combined with his passion for sustainable change, makes Jules an instrumental force in championing a greener, sustainable future through SPIRO.

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