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Iraj Abedian

Founder & Chairman, Pan-African Capital Holdings, South Africa

Iraj Abedian is the founder and Chairman of Pan-African Capital Holdings, and Pan-African Investment and Research Services. He was professor of economics at the University of Cape Town before entering the business sector in 2000. He has served as a consultant on economic policy issues to public and private sector organizations in South Africa and internationally. He mainly serves the companies in the Pan-African Capital portfolio and selected others including as a member of the Advisory Board of the Auditor General of the SA Government, member of Council for Advancement of the SA Constitution, and member of Board of Trustees of Institute for Security Studies Africa. He is a prolific researcher and has written and co-authored numerous articles and books. He obtained his BA (Honours) and MA in Economics from University of Cape Town. He received his PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University (Canada).

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Nov 29, 2023

Africa’s youth and green jobs for their future

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Nov 27, 2023

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: “Every time I see one of our Green Riders on the road, I think: They’re off to go make some money”

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