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Glory Oguegbu

Expert Business Coach

Glory Oguegbu is a climate change activist working to advance a climate-smart Africa by promoting climate literacy and developing renewable energy projects that give Nigerians access to clean electricity. Since 2013, Glow Initiative has connected 4,352 households with clean electricity and educated 18,562 students on the concept and science of climate change. Bothered by a lack of contextualized information on climate change, Glory authored five books to promote climate knowledge in Africa in 2016. In 2019, She designed Africa’s first contextualized climate education learning toolkits which were launched during COP 26, Spain, and are presently in use in 200 schools. To expand the reach of the toolkits, Glow Initiative created the Climate Leadership Fellowship Program in 2021 to raise smart climate leaders who have taught climate change to 60, 000 students using the specialized toolkits and have reached 123, 000 community members through climate campaigns. In 2022, at COP 27, Egypt Glory launched the School of Climate Action and its flagship project; Climate Data Policy to generate real-time global climate impact data, recommend solutions and facilitate a need-based climate investment. The team has generated climate data from 7000 respondents in one year. Glow Initiative’s social enterprise, the Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute has trained over 3,000 installers and designers and created Africa’s first online solar education platform, The RETTI Virtual University which has trained 1,450 individuals on solar design and installation and offset 840,000 tonnes of carbon emissions through solar power deployment.

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