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Fadi A. Ghazale

Chief Executive Officer, Titan Mining, Nigeria

Fadi A. Ghazale is the Founder and the CEO of Tian Minerals. He has vast expertise in Nigeria and the African continent. Having resided in Nigeria for the last 15 years and managed a wide portfolio of exploration projects, he has invaluable in-country experiences and relationships, with distinctive skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, compliance, finance and management. He holds an MBA in Business in Emerging Markets from the University of Liverpool and a BA in Business Administration from Notre Dame University.

In his early days in Nigeria, he realized the untouched potential of Nigeria’s mineral sector, identified the factors holding the sector back, such as the shortage of high geo-scientific knowledge and lack of funds, then he single handedly set about assembling a team of global experts, which when coupled with his extensive Nigerian experience, intimate knowledge of the political environment, and the vast logistical and remote operational capacity of the company, has transformed Titan Minerals into the pre-eminent mineral exploration company in Nigeria.

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