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Governor of Haut Katanga, DRC

On April 10, 2019, at the age of 43, Jacques Kyabula Katwe was elected Governor of Haut-Katanga province by more than 3/4 of the Provincial Assembly. But in Haut-Katanga, particularly in Lubumbashi where he was born and Likasi where he grew up, he is the man everyone loves. He heads the list of candidates for the December 2018 legislative and provincial elections. 

After the triumph in a historic electoral process hailed worldwide, one diplomat commented: “Winning 3 elections is a political victory that the old guard didn’t see coming”.  

Haut-Katanga has identified with this leader, nicknamed Wa Ndani, who is constantly present in Likasi, his electoral stronghold, not forgetting Kambove, Kipushi, Sakania, Kasumbalesa, Lubumbashi and the rest of Haut-Katanga, where he is working for profound change through the foundation that bears his name, Fondation Jacques Kyabula Katwe. 

As governor, this Chef de Travaux and PhD student was voted best governor of the DRC more than once by polls conducted by the Les Points Institute and others. 

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