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Fundo de Energia (FUNAE)

Edson Uamusse

Head of planning and studies

Mr. Edson Uamusse, start working in FUNAE, FP in 2008 and currently is the Head of Studies and Planning Division of Energy Fund (FUNAE).

After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Economics from University Eduardo Mondlane, Edson Uamusse pursued a Post Graduate degree in Business and Administration.

Within the energy sector, he developed several instruments that were used to guide the strategic and operational planning, as well as, reporting. The instruments have also been used to: map solar and hydro off-grid priority projects, develop a GIS data base with reporting and analyses capabilities. Moreover, with specific reference to FUNAE, projects he has been providing guidance regarding the mainstreaming of socioeconomic aspects and social studies during the project development process as well promoting sustainability of the projects.  Within the project development process, he has introduced and mainstreamed several instruments and procedures that facilitated and consolidated the development process within FUNAE.

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