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Madam Waste I Urban & Energy Planners

Dr. Gamuchirai Mutezo

CEO & Founder

Dr Gamuchirai Mutezo is the founder of Madam Waste, an urban energy planning firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Services offered span across urban energy planning, organic waste management and decentralised clean energy using anaerobic digestion. Using principles of circular economy, Madam Waste endeavours to constantly view waste not in its traditional sense of a disposable material, but as a resource for other activities. She is also a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Ecological Intelligence (University of Johannesburg) focusing on agro-ecological waste management and circular economy. 

Dr Mutezo has over 12 years’ work experience underpinned by entrepreneurship, renewable energy, applied research and development, all with a keen focus on decentralising energy access in African cities using anaerobic digestion. She holds a B. Town and Regional Planning (University of Pretoria), an MPhil Energy Poverty and Development (University of Cape Town), Project Management Certificate (University of South Africa) and a DPhil in Urban Biogas and Circular Economy (University of the Witwatersrand). Dr Mutezo is a member of the African Circular Business Alliance (ACBA), African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) – South Africa and South African Biogas Industry Association (SABIA). She enjoys travelling, reading and worldly conversations. 

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