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Advisory Board

The Global Trust Project

Dominic Wilhelm


Dominic works at the intersection of trust, strategy, and impact.  

His work is endorsed by notable global clients who cite his ability to rapidly enable trust building, apply systems thinking, foster unconventionalism and innovation, as well as develop effective proprietary frameworks.  

He has worked across various public and private sector settings from multinational organisations to impoverished communities. Experience includes trust building (teams, organisations, societal), smart cities, sustainability, sector development, impact investment, policy, media, and communications.  

Dominic’s role as a keynote speaker is emerging with engagements in Norway, the Philippines, the United States (later in 2023) and Cape Town. He may be speaking later in 2023 in Korea and Bali.  

He is the founder of The Global Trust Project, has worked as a Principal Consultant to the United Nations and Director of Impact Networks for YPO, the world’s largest leadership network of Chief Executives, and he is an XPRIZE Ambassador (co-developing the $30 million ‘Trust Prize’).  

Dominic has addressed radio, TV and online audiences as a contributor and host and is regularly in conversation with senior city leaders on ‘Where The Future Plays Out.’ 

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