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Young leaders in Energy and Sustainability

Dimitris Symeonidis

Energy Markets and Geopolitical Risk

Dimitris Symeonidis is a policy entrepreneur, energy policy and geopolitical risk analyst. His focus is on the geopolitics of the energy transition, but also stakeholder mapping and management and building of actor and strategy models. His regions of specialization are Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has worked on several projects, both with the private and the public sector, on how to achieve their transformation and succeed on the energy transition. Currently, he is a project manager at Afforest4Future, an organization dedicated to building circular and regenerative economy models in the Global South on the nexus of agroforestry and energy. He is using his expertise for the creative utilization of biomass for energy production and creation of sustainable and thriving businesses in small communities.

African Energy News

Nov 30, 2023

Kenya: Storing surplus energy in batteries to enhance electricity stability

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Nov 20, 2023

Curtailment of wind farms is coming, here’s what happens next

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