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Deshan Naidoo

Managing Director, Afrivolt, South Africa

Deshan is a multidisciplinary executive with 12 years’ experience in Manufacturing & Finance. He holds qualifications from University of Cape Town and Wits Business School, complemented by executive certificates in advanced valuation, entrepreneurship, and corporate governance from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Harvard Business School, and INSEAD, respectively.

Internationally recognized as a certified Director through IDP-C from INSEAD, Deshan has achieved significant milestones as the youngest board member in the South African financial services and automotive industries, amassing over 7 years of board-level experience at the age of 34.

Beyond his executive roles, Deshan has advised the South African government on fostering local export businesses and has contributed to some of the country’s industry masterplans. He is the youngest serving board member at the National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM), in a pro-bono capacity.

His achievements have garnered prestigious recognition, including the South African Youth Industrialist and Exporter of the Year in 2022, presented by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

With a global business network and multicultural exposure, Deshan excels in intercultural management and leadership. He is deeply committed to continuous learning and is passionate about the convergence of technology, finance, leadership development, and digital transformation.

Deshan’s comprehensive skill set, demonstrated leadership abilities, strategic vision, and efficient execution make him a versatile and accomplished professional in the business arena.

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