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    Team Wakabayashi

    Dennis Wakabayashi

    The Global Voice of CX

    Dennis Wakabayashi is recognized as the Global Voice of CX. His team cultivates several international media properties, connecting professionals from various continents and cultures, fostering a community of over 250,000 professionals passionate about customer experience. His programs include The CX Tea Show, The CX Hall of Fame, Experience Update Show, and CX In The Wild, along with a thriving YouTube channel offering a global perspective on the CX industry featuring well-known guests and leading brands worldwide.

    Dennis is dedicated to sharing comprehensive insights and promoting a global conversation about customer experience. His network is the go-to destination for those wanting to influence and understand the international CX landscape.

    Additionally, Dennis serves as the Chair of Judges for the 2024 CEM Africa CX Awards, recognising the best customer experiences across the continent of Africa. He is also a returning judge for the Global Customer Centricity Awards for three years and serves as the Chair of Judges for the USCXA 24, a prestigious event recognising excellence in customer experience across the United States.

    Jun 25, 2024

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    Jun 24, 2024

    Practical guide to mastering journey management

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