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Green Riders

Craig Atkinson

Founding Executive Director

Craig is an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader who has made significant contributions in multiple industries throughout his career. Craig’s passion for youth upliftment is reflected in his founding of Pathway Cycles, which later evolved into the environmentally conscious Green Riders, a company that promotes sustainable and healthy transportation options while providing employment opportunities for young people in the community.

However, Craig’s professional achievements go far beyond just founding successful companies. He has also demonstrated his exceptional leadership abilities by managing large teams of between 50-120 people in the events and music industries. His company, JamPacked Productions, was a major player in the events industry in South Africa and produced some of the most successful live music festivals in South Africa.

Craig’s passion for education and the arts led him to found a prestigious music school with over 3,000 pupils over its lifespan. The school achieved the highest results in South Africa for 12 years, a testament to Craig’s dedication to excellence in all aspects of his work.

With over 12 years of experience in managing and developing companies from the ground up, Craig is a master at paying attention to the details that make each venture unique. He approaches every project with the highest standards possible in mind, ensuring that each one is a success.

Craig’s innovative spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to sustainability and excellence make him a true leader and inspiration to those around him.

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