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Carel Snyman


My involvement in energy started in 1988 when I joined the National Energy Council (NEC) – a governmental energy forum. The focus was research in alternative transport energy and after analyses led to the start of a programme to evaluate electric vehicle technologies and its application in South Africa.  
When the NEC closed their doors in 1992 my career continued at Eskom where I was responsible for the Electric Transport Programme. Eskom stopped doing work on electric vehicles in 2002 when the oil prices fell to $12 a barrel. I left Eskom and started a consulting company called BSEWarehouse and later co-founded GridCars. 
In 2013 SANEDI persuaded me to take up a career in SANEDI as General Manager of the Cleaner Mobility Programme. The objective was to work with the national government to lay the foundation for cleaner mobility in South Africa. 

It was at SANEDI, working with city officials, that it became clear that by only changing the modes of transport to use energy more efficiently, is not the final road to sustainable mobility in cities. The city and its mobility options for people and freight needed to be re-invented. This led to work on a proposal to the African Development Bank for the development of smart cities with sustainable mobility in sub-Saharan Africa. A project that is currently parked. 

Dec 1, 2023

South Africa: Cabinet Greenlights Groundbreaking E-Mobility White Paper, Paving the Way for Sustainable Transport

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Nov 28, 2023

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