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Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) Gauteng

Andile Africa

  • Experienced Management Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Management, Transportation Management, Fleet Management, and Automotive. Strong operations professional with a Certificate focused in Entrepreneurial Studies from University of the Witwatersrand, a Bachelor in Manufacturing Engineering with Honours, and a Master in Logistics. 
  • Andile Africa has over 15 years experience in the transport and automotive industry. His career covers rail, aviation, automotive production, logistics, motor retail and fleet management. He started his career as an industrial engineer for Transnet, moved on to Armscor’s and Denel where he worked on aviation projects such as the Rooivalk attack helicopter project. 

We act as brokers for buyers and sellers alike and go further by providing other services related to our chosen field such as freight broking etc, these are services we see as crucial in our line of business because if there is no movement of product, business cannot be done. 

Andile joined the automotive industry in 1999 at the Mercedes-Benz South Africa plant in East London. He has held various positions within MBSA procurement, Mercedes- Benz Commercial Vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Bus, and Daimler Fleet Management. 

In 2006 Andile joined Super Group as Commercial Director for Fleet Africa. His responsibilities included the fleet outsource contract with the Eastern Provincial Government and City Of Johannesburg. 

Andile rejoined Daimler Fleet Management as Commercial Director where was in charge of one of the largest outsourced fleet in South Africa, Telkom SA. 

His career achievements include the industrialization and export of more than half a billion Rands of catalytic converters and other automotive components. 

Andile holds an honours degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Birmingham in England, and a Master in Logistics from the University of Pretoria. 

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