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S&L Youth Speaker

Aadil Eyasim

Electrical Engineering Student, University of Cape Town

MSc in Electrical Engineering Student at UCT University of Cape Town’s Formula Student Africa  

Team Principal Aadil Eyasim is a Mechatronics Engineering graduate and current MSc student in Electrical Engineering at UCT, specializing in EVs.  

Aadil received distinction for his Honors thesis on an AI object detection device for traffic lights and stop signs and now peruses research in regenerative breaking and LIDAR for self-driving in EVs.  

As Team Principal, he leads UCT’s Formula Student Africa’s debut team and over sees all operations of the team. Additionally, Aadil contributes as a research assistant in renewable energy for the business sector, showcasing his commitment to transformative solutions and inspiring future engineers through outreach and academia as an outreach lead and a Teaching assistant. 

Mar 28, 2024

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Mar 28, 2024

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