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James Mnyupe

Presidential Economic Advisor & Hydrogen Commissioner, Government of The Republic of Namibia

James Mnyupe is the Economic Adviser to the Namibian President and concurrently holds the portfolio of Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Commissioner. James contributes to the nation’s strategic planning process that aims to augment Namibia’s macro-economic structure with the goal of diversifying Namibia’s exports and buttressing the economy’s ability to weather exogenous shocks. He has been instrumental unlocking concessionary blended financing capital, to enable the construction of strategic assets of regional importance, that provide a strong foundation for the upcoming wave of low carbon manufacturing in Namibia. Mr. Mnyupe holds an Executive Certificate in Economic Development from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, is a CFA Charter holder, a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner.

Nov 29, 2023

Africa’s youth and green jobs for their future

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Nov 27, 2023

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: “Every time I see one of our Green Riders on the road, I think: They’re off to go make some money”

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