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    (2 OCT 2023)
  • DAY 1
    (3 OCT 2023)
  • DAY 2
    (4 OCT 2023)

Welcome Reception

For those who arrive into the Gauteng Province the day before SMA summit kicks off, you’re invited to join a Welcome Reception in the evening of Monday 2nd October. Relax, unwind, and connect with stakeholders in and around the mobility industry.

Event featuresWhat Our Stages Offer

Enhance your career opportunities and maintain professional standards in the fast-paced mobility industry with Smarter Mobility Africa's content sessions.

Plenary Stage

The whole mobility industry plays a vital role in Africa realising its 2030 visions - from public transport and rail to automotive and micromobility - it is the participation and integration of all these elements that will ensure mobility truly serves the people, the economy, and the environment. This stage presents insights and visions from Africa’s leaders who are responsible for delivering on the 2030 visions which are fast approaching.

Electric Vehicles & Battery Tech

The world has changed, and Africa is changing with it when it comes to the fast-paced emergence of electric vehicles and batteries. This stage explores the full ecosystem of what the electric vehicle industry offers, such as different types of more efficient vehicles, the tech within electric vehicles, the integration of vehicle to the grid, and the development of battery technology feeding into the automotive industry and the energy industry. Africa is moving forward with its electric vehicle opportunity, this stage will highlight those developments, and answer the question of what more can be done to ensure Africa benefits from this once in a lifetime industry transition.

Public Transport Stage

Public transport plays a critical role in providing reliable and safe mobility in cities. In Africa, informal public transport is mostly used to get around. However, a lack of investment, integration, and infrastructure have held it back. This stage explores the opportunities presented within public transport through paratransit, rail, integrated infrastructure and reduced congestion to bring about safer, affordable and efficient mobility for all.


Micromobility is gaining popularity in African cities mainly due to its affordability, convenience, and accessibility. Wider benefits include low emissions and less impact on congestion and the environment. This stage will explore the role that micromobility can play in realising the 2030 visions, and what can be done to accelerate the integration and adoption of micromobility in Africa.

Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an area of mobility that all stakeholders are focused on, including organisations whose previous focus may have been only on selling units of vehicles. It creates real opportunities for the end user, for the wider community, and for businesses prepared to innovate their thinking and solutions. MaaS integrates mobility so that solutions such as public transit, ride-hailing services, bike sharing seamless mobility experiences that can be delivered through digital platforms. On this stage we explore digital infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, data sharing practices, and business models to develop MaaS in Africa.

Smarter Fleets

Transitioning fleets to new energy vehicles comes with a huge amount of opportunity to reduce costs and emissions, whilst improving user experience. However, the speed at which this change is happening provides some level of challenges, which would make even the most focused fleet operator feel somewhat anxious. Smarter Fleet Summit will simplify some of the must know information when embracing this inevitable transition to electric vehicles, which will make your fleets more efficient and more enjoyable to manage.

Knowledge Hubs

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