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Women in Tech,CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa22-24 April 2024Empowering Women in Tech

Join our personal and inclusive programme designed for female tech professionals to come together, network, and inspire new opportunities.

  • Network and Engage with like minded changemakers
  • Stay connected through media channels across the year
  • Forge A Better Gender Inclusive World And lets #WINTOGETHER!

Our 2023 Partners

Our 2023 Partners

What is Women In Tech?

The Women In Tech initiative acknowledges the pivotal role of women in driving technological innovation, fostering collaboration in the traditionally male-dominated sector. Hosted at Converge, the platform unites global female experts in tech, celebrating achievements and empowering women in the field. Aligned with the Women In (W.IN) brand's vision, the initiative emphasizes inclusivity, connectivity, and leadership. By breaking down silos and creating connections, it dismantles societal barriers, fostering collaboration among people, communities, and institutions. The goal is to create an inclusive world where every woman in tech thrives, contributing meaningfully to society. The initiative embodies #winingtogether and #womenempowerment, aligning with UN Women's focus on innovation and technology as drivers of transformative change for gender equality. Through partnerships and industry-wide actions, Women In Tech accelerates progress, creating a tech landscape where women play a central and empowered role.

Digital MediaConnect With The Newsfeed For Women In Energy

ESi Africa is intentional in its commitment to promoting the role of women in energy and posts a constant flow of topical and real news content across the year. Our unique approach to blending news media and regular in-person meetups means we are always connected and always growing our connected group. A digital communication campaign works to bring together our members, who from various backgrounds in the power and energy sector, share their personal experiences and offer insights into the industry. They also showcase their successful projects, highlighting their career paths and achievements.


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365 Digital
M24 Logistics
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RTB House
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