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Welcome to BSF Breeding South Africa a leading producer and global distributor of 1-day-old neonates of the Black Soldier Fly. At the intersection of sustainability and innovation, our specialized product offers a strategic solution to organic waste management on a global scale.
Our clients, spanning the globe, rely on our Black Soldier Fly larvae to efficiently convert organic waste into high-quality animal feed. This not only addresses waste reduction but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices. As a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility, we also provide Frass—a premium organic fertilizer—as a byproduct of our process.
Choosing to partner with us means aligning with a visionary approach to waste management and agriculture. Our focus on quality, efficiency, and environmental impact sets us apart as leaders in this transformative industry. Your investment in our Black Soldier Fly larvae is an investment in a sustainable future where waste is repurposed, and agriculture is conducted with the utmost environmental consciousness.

Investment Needs

$2 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$1 200 000

Why Investing

Lucrative Return on Investment
Investing in BSF Breeding South Africa offers a promising opportunity for a substantial return on investment. Our strategic business model, coupled with the growing demand for our products, positions us to deliver attractive returns to our investors.
Proven Track Record & Established Team
Your investment in BSF Breeding South Africa is backed by a seasoned and accomplished team with a track record of success. Our established team brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry, demonstrated by solid production figures. This stability and competence provide a strong foundation for the success and growth of our enterprise.
Riding the Wave of Global Insect Industry Growth
We operate within the globally expanding insect industry, a sector experiencing rapid growth. The increasing awareness of sustainable practices and the versatile applications of insect-based products contribute to the industry's upward trajectory. Investing in our company allows you to capitalise on the opportunities presented by this dynamic and fast-growing market, ensuring your investment aligns with a sector with substantial global potential.
Gerhard Gous
Commercial Director
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