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About Nigeria Mining WeekPassion To Make A Difference

The Nigeria Mining Week story is one of passion to transform Africa’s mining landscape.

Our Purpose

Mining in Africa presents substantial challenges, with numerous regions lacking access to safe, reliable, and affordable mining practices. This has evident adverse effects on economic growth, public welfare, employment prospects, and the natural surroundings. The human consequences of this mining challenge are profound, fuelling our determination to ignite and expedite a comprehensive transformation towards smarter mining practices in Africa. Hence, our commitment lies in uniting every facet of the mining industry to confront these obstacles directly and foster a better future for mining in Africa.

Our Passion

We're deeply passionate about the world of mining and its impact on people and resources. Our diverse global team and advisory board have firsthand experience witnessing both the positive and negative aspects of mining practices, both in Africa and worldwide. We recognize that the state of mining can either empower or hinder progress and development.

Our mission is to cultivate a mining environment that fosters liberation and fulfillment. We believe in unlocking the full potential of individuals, economies, and the environment. We comprehend the immense advantages that stem from connecting every aspect of the mining industry, be it excavation techniques, sustainable practices, technological advancements, or community engagement. It is through the integration of these elements that mining can genuinely serve the needs of people, contribute to economic growth, and safeguard the environment.

Nigeria Mining Week 2023 Showreel

Experience Africa's most influential mining conference & exhibition, held annually in Nigeria.

Statistics That Matter

The Nigerian mining challenge is enormous, but through collaboration and innovation, we can make a difference. Already we are seeing change, and with your help tomorrow’s future can be bright.


Nigeria's mining sector drives economic growth and significantly contributes to the GDP (approx. 4-5%), leveraging abundant minerals and resources.


Nigeria's mineral resources are underutilised due to the dominance of oil and gas, overlooked since the emergence of crude oil.


Some mineral resources, extracted by over 10 million artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM), involve poor practices harming local communities and the environment.


Mining in Nigeria faces challenges such as a complex regulatory framework, legal issues, inconsistent policies, and unclear land tenure systems, deterring investors.


Inadequate infrastructure, security issues, environmental concerns, and limited access to finance further hinder industry growth.

But change is coming...


Nigeria's rich mineral resources offer a foundation for economic growth through effective harnessing.


The potential for mineral exports in Nigeria can enhance foreign exchange and bolster the country's balance of payments.


Government initiatives, including policy revisions and incentives like tax holidays would aim to attract investments.


A development of local content in mining can foster technology transfer, job creation, and skill development for Nigeria.


Unlock Nigeria's mining potential through regulatory streamlining, addressing land tenure, prioritizing infrastructure, enhancing security, and promoting sustainable mining practices.

This year’s Nigeria Mining Week event was engaging, with robust and relevant conversations on how to drive the industry’s growth.

Ijeoma (Ohiaeri) Koleoso

Head of Corporate Affairs

Segilola Resources Operations

Expert Knowledge Is Paramount

Nigeria Mining Week's programme is developed in close collaboration with The Advisory Board, a group of dedicated mining specialists, intimately involved in the most critical issues of the mining transition.

Representatives from utilities, vendors, regulators, start-ups and other mining sector stakeholders take part in this group, bringing their thoughts and day-to-day experiences to the discussion during the live event.

VUKA Mining Team The Team That Makes It Happen

Samukelo Madlabane

Event Director

In the realm of mining, Samukelo’s unparalleled leadership, passion, and expertise shine brightly. From development to management, he brings a unique perspective and a keen eye for detail to every facet of the project. His commitment to excellence ensures that each stage of event planning is meticulously handled, promising an unforgettable experience for all involved.


Patricia Kazaka

Event Manager

Passionate about Africa and the Mining industry, with strong focus on the right operations metrics, Patricia is a force to recon with. Putting processes before automation while making decisions on product development, risk management and cost reduction strategies, her greatest strength is the ability to work effectively with many different people.


Nazeerah Solomon

Marketing Specialist

Nazeerah excels in coordinating and executing marketing campaigns. She fosters meaningful connections and strategically implements them within broader marketing initiatives. Her skills and dedication make her a valuable asset, consistently contributing fresh ideas and impactful efforts.


Nicola Siyo

Marketing Strategist

Nicola's strengths lie not only in fostering meaningful connections but also in strategically implementing these connections as part of a broader marketing strategy. Her skills and unwavering dedication make her a valuable asset to any team, injecting fresh ideas and contributing to the development of strategic and impactful connections.


Audrey Bading Mve

Programme – Stakeholder Management

Audrey's role in the realm of stakeholder management has been marked by a commitment to open communication, strategic collaboration, and a keen understanding of the needs and expectations of all parties involved. With Audrey at the helm of stakeholder management, DRC Mining Week continues to thrive in fostering collaborative partnerships and achieving shared success with its diverse community of stakeholders.


Jean-Tite Oloumoussie

Exhibition & Sponsorship Director

Demonstrating proficiency, Jean-Tite has effectively overseen sales teams on diverse African mining projects, showcasing his adeptness in navigating the distinctive challenges inherent in this sector. Committed to assisting customers in attaining success within local mining markets, Jean-Tite places a strong emphasis on understanding and aligning with customer objectives.


Kudakwashe Tsingano

Exhibition & Sponsorship Manager

A seasoned sales professional with a fervor for creating positive impacts in the mining sector, Kuda excels in the events industry driven by his passion for travel and connecting with diverse individuals. Kuda’s commitment to excellence and his understanding of the mining landscape positions him as a valuable asset, ready to contribute to the industry's growth and success.


Rue Limekhaya

Registrations Manager

With over 20 yrs experience, her focus and attention is to ensure a smooth, enjoyable visitor and delegate experience both online and from the moment the entry badge is collected at the venue. Understanding that we have only one chance to make a good impression she is dedicated in her belief that the customer always comes first.


Jose Alino

Delegate Sales Manager

Jose is driven by a passion for making a positive impact in the mining sector. With a robust background in sales and a keen understanding of the events industry, Jose thrives on leveraging his skills to foster connections with diverse individuals. His enthusiasm for travel not only aligns with the dynamic nature of the sales role but also reflects his commitment to exploring new opportunities.


Caleb Bongongo

Delegate Sales Manager

Caleb's profound comprehension of the mining landscape establishes him as a valuable asset, uniquely equipped to adeptly navigate the complexities of the industry. Armed with a proactive approach and a customer-centric mindset, Caleb stands prepared to play a pivotal role in fostering the growth and success of the mining sector. His extensive experience for cultivating meaningful connections make him an ideal fit for growing the mining industry across Africa.


Anne-Lisse Calisse

Operations Manager

Anne-Lisse Calisse is a seasoned professional in the realm of operations management, bringing a wealth of expertise and a proven track record to her role. Anne-Lisse is at the forefront of ensuring smooth and efficient onsite operations. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Anne-Lisse excels in optimizing processes to enhance overall efficiency. Her proficiency extends across various facets of operations, from logistics and supply chain management to team coordination.


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