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5 Gripping Projects Shaping Mobility In Kenya

East Africa is emerging as a frontrunner in shaping mobility for the continent due to a confluence of factors.

In and amongst leading the charge for the electric revolution in the continent, here is why we have our eyes glued to mobility activities in Kenya.

The region boasts a young and growing population with a rising demand for efficient and affordable transport solutions.

Kenya’s electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly accelerating. The government’s commitment to reach 5% of new vehicle registrations as EVs by 2025, coupled with tax incentives for local assembly, fuels impressive investment growth.

Many East African nations are leapfrogging older technologies and embracing innovative approaches like electric vehicles and ridesharing apps. Additionally, governments are actively investing in infrastructure projects like new railway lines and improved roads, recognizing the importance of a connected continent.

Finally, Kenya’s entrepreneurial spirit fosters a fertile ground for startups developing new mobility solutions tailored to the continent’s specific needs.

This combination of factors positions East Africa as a leader in shaping a more accessible and sustainable transport future for Africa. So, we put our ears to the ground to find out more about the top 5 gripping transport projects shaping the future of mobility in East Africa. CLICK HERE to download the top 5 gripping projects shaping mobility in Kenya.

About the author

Anazi Zote
Mobility Content & Stakeholder Manager
Anazi Zote is a multifaceted woman with a passion for creativity and innovation. With her diverse skill set encompassing creatives arts, technology, and entrepreneurship, she continuously pushes boundaries and explores new frontiers. She is known for their unique perspective and out-of-the-box thinking and strives to inspire and challenge conventional norms.
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