Customer Success Studies



The primary objectives were to demonstrate thought leadership, build brand recognition, network with journalists, and connect with government and civic leaders. Additionally, Spiro aimed to foster helpful conversations around potential investments and partnerships.



The company understood the significance of participating in a series of events, such as Smarter Mobility Africa summit, that emphasized their position as leaders. To achieve this, Spiro utilized a tailored sponsorship package to secure a notable presence at the event and ensure to benefit from a strategic placement on the exposition floor to maximize their visibility. They also capitalized on several thought leadership opportunities including delivering a presentation and participating in a panel discussion.
Additionally, networking was a key component of Spiro's strategy as they aimed to connect with Press and Media to enhance their exposure and reach, as well as engage with government and civic leaders to establish beneficial relationships. The organizers were instrumental in connecting Spiro to the right people, both within and outside their industry. Spiro was grateful for the assistance and support they received in these areas during the summit.
Moreover, Spiro's booth at the event was seamlessly arranged, providing a painless experience. The stand design and layout were handled by the event organizers, which relieved Spiro of additional stress and allowed them to focus on their interactions with attendees.



In collaboration with the Smarter Mobility Africa summit Team, Spiro's participation was well executed and yielded positive results. We successfully obtained live interviews and valuable discussions with industry stakeholders and government officials. Strategically, our presence and thought leadership positioning played a significant role in providing valuable contributions. These interactions helped Spiro expand its brand reach and establish meaningful connections.
Overall, SMA summit delivered on its promises, connecting Spiro with potential investors and partners. This outcome significantly advanced Spiro's strategic objectives and goals.

“The event was well organized, with a personable organizing team who demonstrated genuine interest in Spiro and cared about our success. We felt like they knew us and our story. This approach provided Spiro with a strong sense of being supported and cared about throughout the event. Additionally, the event was not only professionally organized but also facilitated valuable interactions and conversations which was really valuable. They just kept connecting us to the right people which was brilliant.”

Lee Breheny
Head of Global Communications, Spiro