Customer Success Studies

USA based companies


To create opportunities for US based companies and stakeholders to meaningfully engage with leaders in the African power and energy market.


Solution provided

A tailored package was designed to give a holistic presence across live, digital and print touchpoints which enabled communication to a diverse audience base in Africa. This was a mixture of exhibition, networking, editorial and speaking/presentation opportunities across various platforms across ENLIT Africa and ESI Africa.



Positive results at Enlit Africa include:
- One of the US based companies on day one made show-floor sales to two separate South African buyers.
- One of the US based companies will be signing an MOU with a partner from Namibia immediately following the show.
- One of the US based companies signed 6 MOUs, following their attendance of the trade show, with prospective buyers.
- One of the US based companies is having ongoing negotiations with a large construction company for a license agreement for the region following their attendance at Enlit Africa.
- One of the US based companies is following leads emanating from their attendance of Enlit Africa. These leads include a construction of 50MW/250MWh of energy storage near Kimberley, Eswatini Energy Company’s interest to build energy storage to reduce dependance on Eskom, working with Harith Group to create a storage hub at Kelvin Power Station, etc.
- On day one, ESKOM held a meeting with 2 different US based companies – as well as a USTDA grant recipient – to finalize discussion on the details of a feasibility study for ESKOM on transmission strategy.
- On day three, the USG interagency team responsible for project finance and technical assistance met with the new Minister of Electrification for South Africa to discuss how the USG can help South Africa solve their energy crisis.